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Showing off and understanding what you want your clients to see

Time is so important. And so it being in control. And giving your customers a good visual aid.

Some of our promotional work is created because clients want to show what they are creating, making or pitching - without the problem of phone calls, emails and meetings. A film can show off and be controlled much more than can be put into text. And its much more attractive.

For Example see our film for Hartech - The clients brief to us was they wanted to show in short space of time what the process was when they took your Porsche car in for a engine re-fit - which was unique to them.

Rather than speak or email to their clients and try to explain the process - Hartech worked with us to create a video containing lots of information. Time-lapse footage, running banner at the bottom and intro and out text - its all there - and it is on their site and was sent to customers on a USB demand service - and found that customers understood the process much more, how much work was involved - and saved Hartech time - and a much more controlled customer requirement service.

The final result got noticed not only by customers but by the Porsche community.

We have worked with clients across the globe on promotional work - why not drop us an email and see what we can create for you.



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