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Why 'Charlie and Me' should be seen at 1am

A famous film maker once said 'Films are not released they escape'

Our Sci - fi film, 'Charlie and Me' has had its release to the world at last in two forms.

You can watch the full length version (with new whizzes and bangs - more on that later) over at Amazon Prime like right now (and with all proceeds given to Bolton Hospice you will feel all nice) or you could wait for the new TV edit version thanks to our friends over at Made Television so you can watch it on the Television from 24th of September.

With the film the team and myself are over the moon with the response which has been a two year journey ended on a real high note.

It has also been a great learning curve of self promotion and self distribution. That can only help us when clients want films completed with us.

Over the last five years companies such as Amazon has allowed Indie companies like Elerby release films to the public in a professional way - on demand being the big deal with nearly everyone having access to various means of watching films online from phones to PS4s.

DVD it seems to be sadly dead.

As for Charlie - the film has had so many edits and fine tuning we went all George Lucas over the 2 years since its first screening. The film now rests in two states - The broadcast TV version (a slightly stripped down cut at 22 mins) and the Amazon version (coming in under 29 mins). Sound changes, new VFX and credits have now been rejigged and it more like the version I wanted to be seen. And do not get me started at the closed captions fun we had.

(Above) Some new VFX shots added for the new versions

As for the TV screening I love it can be caught on repeat at 1am in the morning on some stations (see the other blog post for times of showings - always wanted to say that). Which reminds me of the film I wanted to make.

In the UK on Channel 4 they used to show short films in the early hours (before the station shut off around 2am - those were the days!) and I remember watching lots of films (in Black and White in my room) that I had no idea of what I was watching but loved them anyway - I would love someone to catch charlie like that.

The learning we had will help great lengths to our clients that want to get their work on broadcast and online release from post production to those bloody Closed Captions - and why you can give us a nudge for your next production.

If you enjoyed Charlie and Me - please let us know - and look out for it on your local TV stations on Sky, Virgin Media and Freeview.



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