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Elerby Studios 8bit Symphony film Bluray pre-order / Watch now!

You can now order the Elerby Studios film of the Prague 8bit orchestra 2 film from!

The film is over 2 hours of footage shot over 2 days in Prague comprising of new music from Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard based on classic computer game soundtracks. In lovely 5.1 surround sound no less.

Quote for Rob - 'Lee has done a magical, fantastic wonderful job with this'


You can actually watch the film now if you so wish -

(Above) Lee inbetween takes in Prague 2022

Also you get a special director's commentary from me with a lot of moaning about late nights at the studio, coffee and games.

AND there's a special edition of the first bluray with more stuff and more director's commentary (more moans)

Check out some of our footage here -

Can I go to bed now?

Lee B

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