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(Right) In 2018 we produced the advert for Quiztix 'Animal' apple store game with actor Nicola Holt in full game mode.

Elerby Showreels 2020.jpg

We cover every type of film creation for all - and is not as expensive as you think.

We can deliver your film in ANY format you require up to 4K and convert any footage to whatever deliverable you want.​

We create Music Videos, Company Promos, Adverts, Showreel Filming for Actors, 

Edits from any source, Media conversion, film archive restoration, Visual Effects and Animation.

We are one of only a few official registered Independent film companies based in the UK - so you are covered for all shoots and edits. 

Elerby Studios is insured for all UK and worldwide shoots so full piece of mind for all.

Using broadcast standard cameras and equipment, Elerby has produced hundreds for films for companies, actors, writers, and musicians across the world - even as far as Zambia (For Pepsi), New York, Italy, Romania and as close as Salford.


Working to our clients budget every time, with no loss of quailty, we are one of the least expensive film companies in the UK because all our production is in house - passing that all important savings onto our clients.

Our sister Company, Digital Zoetrope is the film side of Elerby Studios creating films for clients.

Our films have been shown all over the world with Charlie and Me, A Sci fi short film winning Best Actress and Best Director in the Liverpool International film festival 2016 and can be seen nationwide on the Sky and Freeview 'Made Television' network. Our productions have been seen in theatres, Cinema, Sky, Freeview, Virgin media set topboxes and of course online.

Promos / Adverts

We have produced broadcast and online adverts for clients across Europe. Our productions have generated targets and increased sales. The films are created, along with client interaction, to meet the standard of the branding and also a easy and exciting way to let the world know of you and meet those targets. 

Branding is important and film is a great way to show off what you do in style - for broadcast or internet.


Showreels are so important. A rubbish reel will not get you seen. Period.

Make the ultimate video CV with one of the UK's leading showreel creators.

Our showreels have provided support to actors to ensure they have the best intro to Casting Directors and have helped them secure roles on major TV and Films over the years.

Working with Directors, Elerby have tailored our reels to a high Industry standard.

From Actors that need footage filming to get onto the next step we supply scripts, actors and locations filmed on broadcast equipment for a low cost. 

For Actors with footage we can source and edit from any source - broadcast, Online, DVD and Bluray to make the very best showreel that Casting Directors and agents have loved - and recommended our services for years.

Music Videos

Music videos create awareness of the artist in the very best way.

Elerby have created over the years videos that have helped artists in sales and tours along with making stunning, attractive films. Working across Europe with various labels and individuals our team works alongside the artist at every step - from pre to post to ensure the very best film to sit proudly alongside the track.


Digital Zoetrope, our award winning film banner, has created films and short films for many years. From script to screen we produce, film and release short and full films for every size of client. From the writers that wants to film their script to screen, we can produce films in house from pre-production, to casting, to filming, to release - we can develop every step.

If you have a script in development - get in touch - it will be not as expensive as you think.


Over the years, Elerby Studios has produced many edits for clients. Broadcast, conversion to showreels. We can convert any footage and deliver it in any format you require.

VFX / Animation

Using VFX on various productions using Film industry standard software we can produce in house with our crew amazing visual for your production.

All Film

The Studio can produce, film, edit and deliver any type of film work you require. Just ask.



(Above) In 2020 after lockdown Elerby Studios went back to producing showreels for actors. Natalie Fletcher's reel was the first one shot at our office in Blackpool.


(Above) One of 2020's new projects is the feature film 'Watching goldfish suffocate' from Writer/Actor David Degiorgio with initial filming on location at John O' Groats in Scotland.


(Above) Recording audio for Eurosport in 2018 in Manchester. The footage was sent weekly to the studio and the commentators watched 2 matches per week and the edit sent to Eurosport for broadcast over the year.


(Above) with working on so many varied projects, Elerby Studios uses its knowledge of film outside of the norm footage would not normally sit in. Making promos and adverts work for our clients in an exciting way.


(Above) Adverts should stand out. Our streetsounds promo promoting not only the streetsounds brand and image - also promoted an event. The film when released increased awareness - and sales - as a 'not to be missed' event. 

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