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Grab a reduced cost 2024 3 scene showreel this January

Hey there!

Time to grab this special offer for our showreels.

It's been a busy year with lots of exciting projects and releases but as 2023 comes a close we are now getting bookings for next year in.

Our industry standard reels have been getting actors noticed for over 10 years - and we are the most inexpensive showreel production company in the UK.

This is not at a loss of quality as our reels are shot on broadcast cameras and sound to ensure everything is treated as on set on a high end production.

So this December if you book a showreel with a low deposit for filming in January 2024 the whole cost of your reel is only £300 for the three scene package! £100 per scene!

We can source scripts for you and for a low cost charge write the scenes - so you are fully in control of what you want casting directors to see.

Don't forget Elerby Studios also edits showreels for existing footage from ANY media, so if you have footage from any media service - we can source it, converted and edit into your reel starting at £100.

So to get this offer email Lee at and we can email over the info pack!

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