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Next level showreels for actors

(Above) Actors ready for rolling at Elerby Studios. One of the first back filming after lockdown.

And the cameras are rolling away again - Thank god!

As soon as we could we started to get back filming - with safety protocols in place of course.

It's been hard for everyone in the arts but here comes the light.

With August and September (nearly) booked up for reels you can see the industry starting to gather pace again. Although using government guidelines for filming (limited crew, lots of distancing, don't touch this and that sort of thing) editing the latest reels has been brilliant with no loss of quality or indeed lots more enthusiasm from the entire team. Even after a long days shoot.

Even more so because we have been hidden away for months without able to pick up the cameras. You can only watch so many episodes of Loose Women before going mad!

So we looked at the way we produced reels and introduced new packages which now include promo stills to promote actors such as the one above plus many other things to help an actor in need of showing their skills the best way.

Adding to that the new equipment so we can level up our footage is getting us all geeky -and making the footage even more lovely - a bonus for our great actors.

(Above) The entrance to the Elerby office surrounded by farmland. It's so we can get all arty and Lucasfilmie skywalker ranch creativeness (so it says here). After an edit we eat Pot Noodles under that big tree. You can't change us!

And we have been filming outside a lot more now.

Considering Elerby Studios is surrounded by farmland (yet only a stone throw from Blackpool and the M55) and it has been lovely weather you might as well show off the surrounding area a little bit (and you only get disturbed slightly by the cows and Alpacas - true - in the next field)

So if you want to get ready for when all the productions start to get in gear and stand out when submitting for your next role - drop us an email at and we can write (if you need a scene), film (if you need it filming), edit (from any footage you have) and generally guide you in the correct direction for an industry busting reel.

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