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Showreel snippet scenes from Elerby Studios

Hope everyone is safe and well!

Here at Elerby it's been silly busy and things are moving really fast (Always a good sign)

Filming on all our productions for clients have now continued - bar the abroad filming which ideally has been re-scheduled for next year.

(Above) Filming completed for Bolton uni graduates included showreel scenes shot by Elerby Studios

We've uploaded some of our more recent showreel for actors work (these actors are amazing) - filmed across the UK since lockdown (and a few we did in second lockdown when we were allowed to film). We will be blasting these across our social networks over the next month. These are the scenes before cutdown to an industry length.

Showreels are so important. A bad one is like a bad CV - You will not get hired!

contact for the info pack and exclusive access to our client online feedback server.

In the meantime enjoy the scenes!

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