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This year...Busy busy busy!

Happy new year from Elerby Studios!

Another exciting time for us with some amazing projects coming up this year across the UK and beyond. This year also sees a slight restructure of the business to aid our clients even better.

Plus using our online client feedback server (A god send for Clients and us) we can download right to the editor any notes that our clients wants instantly. Making turnaround faster and edits can be downloaded instantly - with no needs for waiting for file sending.

(Above) working on Chase' showreel last year in central Manchester.

A new year always hits us with showreel filming and edits. It's great to see all the actors we have worked with grow and grab some amazing roles on TV and Film.

The studio over the first quarter will also push more music videos with some great artists and I'm excited to see the end results.

(Above) 5th Music Video working with Fanni. 'I want to be free' This one you will love! Released January 2023.

And also our productions for companies is getting busy again so that means us rolling across the UK shooting - always fun!

So if have any filming needs - whatever the requirement - using broadcast equipment for any level - give us a nudge on Based in the North West but able to film across the UK and Europe.

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