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Back to work in safety style

The world has become a different place in only a matter of a few months.

With Covid-19 world-wide the world has changed.

Thankfully things seem to be getting back to normal especially in the arts world.

Filming became a luxury for some clients as they clawed back to work and build up their businesses.

Lucky Elerby Studios is still working away but we did have to close down Digital Zoetrope company and indeed the offices there. This was due to lots of factors and we wanted our clients to feel safe - and met government guidelines in regards to work conditions in the new world.

Filming safely

Elerby Studios is meeting government guidelines in regards to the workplace. We have limited casts and crew on set any one time. We know 100% this is at no loss of quality and already are back filming away on some great new productions. Clients have risk assessments done on site beforehand.

..and the camera is rolling.

As we work into new productions for Elerby Studios you can ensure we are working 100% - even more so - to make your film the best it can be.

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