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Showreel development from Elerby

Working with casting directors many moons ago, Elerby Studios developed our initial showreel service for actors not only from the north west but working with clients all over the UK.

During lockdown we used this time to see on what we could improve and expand.

And that we did.

(Above) This unedited shot on location direct from camera is a test shot on the studios'

cine lenses shows how we are developing not only the reels but indeed any footage for projects going forward to stand out beyond 2020 - along with Netflix approved standard cameras and equipment.

From initial consultation with a set development time, Script writing, locking actors and locations to final edit, The Actor is involved from start to end - which is vital for the end showreel to meet expectations and work for the actor.

Not only do you get an industry showreel edit but you get the full scenes as well. Great for sending to casting directors as well.

Not only we film we can also source your footage from any media and convert into a editable format ready for your reel. From links from production companies, Cinema files, BBC Iplayer, Blurays and DVDs we do it all in house.

We have to be future proof as film production increases all the time. Elerby Studios can edit 4k raw with ease and beyond ready for productions coming up. If 4k footage is required, we are ready.

(Above) A behind the scenes shot from a showreel scene filmed at our offices just delivered to the client this week. The BTS shots also are great not only for us but for actors to share to raise awareness.

Back to reels.

September has been a massive surge of actors wanting footage or showreel edit from broadcasts on TV and film (obviously due to the world standstill in 2020) and it is even more important to get that reel right.

(Above) Dramatic scenes usually get the audience drawn in - and hopefully casting directors. Drama always creates interest like in this screen grab from Natalie's final reel filmed and delivered this month.

Our reels are not expensive. The reason being is that we work on so many these savings can be passed back to the actor. We all know the cost of what being an actor entails (Spotlight, headshots, website and of course the showreel) so the packages available can be affordable.

(Above) 'Be quick' BTS shot from a September showreel scene shot nearby the office. We really need to shoot a scene at the nearby beaches.

Banging a bit of our drum, the reels have created work for our actors getting them seen from casting directors to agents adding them to their books.

As we look into the winter months coming up (time of writing this is a lovely very warm early september morning) bookings at Elerby Studios are getting busy. So send us a lovely email ( and let's have a chat about what you need to get seen in the best possible light.

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