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Fractious Tales - Announcement

Our new sci-fi series Fractious Tales has it's pilot episode - written subtitled 'Episode one - The Car' written by Lee Bolton and Jade Mason - filming to be completed in May 2024.

The series, taken beats from 1950s and 60s TV series The Twilight Zone, is headed by the mysterious Curator who leads the viewer in each episode, filling the strange adventures and twists under 'Fractious Tales' off-world once completed.

The 6 part series will be filmed over 2024 and brings Elerby Studios back to sci fi for the first time since our award winning film, Charlie and me.

(Above) Test art for 'The curator' filing the tales

The first episode sees Mike, screwed over by life, thinking that his life is over sat in his car contemplating ending it all - but then become sucked into the world of unbelievable.

Casting is near complete with Mark Andrew Thomson (Middle) taking the role of Mike supported by Terry Durney (Left) and Nicola Mayers.

With Paul Oz Horrocks taking the role of 'The Curator'

(Above) Test art for Mike by his car - 'The path of life is set one way. All mapped out but a kink and everything changes'

Having all worked on various projects before together - It's all very exciting and cannot wait for the cameras to role on this.

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Karl Padley
Karl Padley
25 abr

lookin 4wrd to the curators performance, wow......

Me gusta
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